Plumbing Information

Pipes can deteriorate over time, and movement can happen when other work is going on, so it is worth having them checked every so often. Bad workmanship can cause a multitude of problems and if the person installing them originally cut corners to save time it can result in leaking pipes.

Big temperature changes such as in winter and summer when extremes in temperature can occur. The expansion and contraction of water is a powerful force and pipework needs to be installed correctly to withstand these. Finally, excess water pressure where the required precautions have not been taken can cause pipes to leak. Get your local plumber to investigate as soon as you find a leak.

Water pressure issues – Too strong or Too Weak

Nobody likes when their water comes in drips from the taps or shower and for this reason, many people desire high pressure systems for their whole house. The problem with this is that the whole water system needs to be ready for it because, as mentioned above, too much pressure can cause leaks. Low water pressure or a sudden drop in water pressure can be the result of a fault in the water system. To check whether you can install a high pressure water system or equally, to check into issues of low water pressure, contact your local plumber and make sure that they are specialised plumbing contractors